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Shattering the Illusion: How Our Internal Filters Keep Us Stuck

internal narratives

Imagine, if you will, a pair of tinted glasses. These glasses, colored by your past experiences, beliefs, expectations, and values, provide you with your unique view of the world. They help you make sense of the boundless information that bombards us from every angle. Yet, these very glasses, your protectors, can become your prison, limiting your thought processes and keeping you stuck in old patterns. What if we can change the tint on those glasses? Better yet, remove the tint altogether. That's the key to personal growth.

Recognizing these glasses for what they are - barriers to self-improvement and joy - is the first step. Next, we must find ways to dismantle the tint, expand our worldview, and perceive reality in its most authentic form, all the while preserving the heart of the message.

Understanding Your Internal Filters

Filters, or deeply ingrained perspectives, significantly influence our perceptions and behaviors. For example, let’s say you have been hurt in a relationship. Your filter on love and trust might be tinted with caution and suspicion. If you grew up in a strict religious environment, your filter on morality and spirituality might be black and white.

Understanding our filters helps us to realize that they are not definitive truths but rather subjective interpretations. This awareness can bring about a sense of liberation; we are not our filters. We simply have filters. It's crucial to differentiate between 'having' and 'being' – these preconceived notions do not define who we are. Ask yourself, "Are my filters helping me grow and thrive, or are they keeping me in a comfortable but stagnant space? "Am I allowing my filters to define my identity?" and "How can I separate my true self from these ingrained perspectives?"

Overcoming Your Internal Filters

Challenging our internal biases is key to personal growth and understanding. This means willingly encountering perspectives and experiences that confront our established beliefs and values—with an open mind, detaching from what we "know" to be true. We must be candid about our internal dialogues and the judgments we project onto others and situations.

To facilitate this, consider expanding your reading list beyond your typical genre, engage in conversations with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, pick up a new hobby, or travel to places unknown to you. This will widen your perspective and help shatter the narrow prism through which you perceive the world.

Letting Go of Your Illusions

We all like to believe we have the right answers, make infallible decisions, and know the truth from untruth. We convince ourselves that our beliefs are correct. But the reality is there's an enormous amount of information in the universe, most of which we're oblivious to due to our limited sensory comprehension. In fact, our human senses can only perceive about 5% of the universe, and our individual experiences account for an infinitesimal percentage of that 5%. We are ignorant to think we know much of anything in the grand scheme of things. Yet our egos will battle to the death that WE are right and have all the answers.

Embracing Your Authentic Self

Ultimately, dismantling your self-imposed barriers requires the full acceptance of your genuine identity. This identity is who you are at your core, without external conditioning or societal expectations - a raw and unadulterated version of yourself. This is where your creativity, joy, and purpose stem from. Acknowledging and cherishing your true self allows you to overcome your restrictive barriers and opens the door to exploring new possibilities.

Embracing your true self requires you to pay attention to your inner voice. This voice does not assert "I'm right," but instead, it inquires, "What if?" By aligning your actions with your core values and passions, you start living authentically. It's crucial to build self-awareness, remain open to feedback, and seize opportunities for growth. This approach will foster resilience and self-confidence, enabling you to chase your dreams and goals unabashedly.

To shatter the illusions of our internal filters, we need to be aware of them, challenge them intentionally, let go of our illusions, and fully embrace our authentic selves. Doing so allows us to expand our perception of reality and live a more fulfilling and conscious life. As the wise guru Ram Dass said, "The most exquisite paradox… is that the more we know ourselves, the more we can forget ourselves and relax into the joy of just being."


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