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Een allesomvattende bron zijn voor diegenen die hun emotionele intelligentie in verschillende facetten van het leven en het bedrijfsleven willen leren kennen en/of willen ontwikkelen.

Ontdek de elementen van EI
Daniel Goleman's 5 originele elementen van emotionele intelligentie
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Deb Porter

"I am always excited to read the latest from EIM+. While other places I pick and choose, with EIM+, I find that I read ALL the articles and find value."


Zahid Sethi

"EIM+ is like a light house for me, a complete practical guide to sail my boat out of life's storms. It showed me many ways to help out my other human fellows to explore peace and tranquility from within."


Deb Coviello

"I love a "one stop shop" for everything about EI. I love the content and actionable advise that I take into my personal life and in service to others. Great resource for every C-Suite leader of today and tomorrow to elevate their impact. Wishing EIM much success in 2023."


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