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Looking for an EI Specialist?

We offer a platform for specialists to showcase their expertise and for you to connect with them. 

I'm looking for someone who works with:

Alyssa Poggioli

Life, Leadership & Connection Coach

I help people confidently create connection & increase their EQ so they can lead with impact and love with intention | EQ Coach | Facilitator | Corporate Health + Wellness Consultant

Carol Parker Walsh


We help forward-thinking organizations create spaces where people stay, thrive, and flourish.

Christian Bumpous


I help you to expand your emotional awareness for more satisfying and fulfilling relationship with yourself, others, and work

Dr. Gertrude Lyons

Director of Family Programs for The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential

Empower people who identify as women to love themselves holistically by rewriting their mother codes

Anna Keil

Emotional Intelligence Facilitator & Mindfulness Coach

Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Well-being Navigator whose work focuses on the intersection of emotional intelligence, mindfulness & well-being. |Emotional Intelligence Facilitator | Well-being Navigator | Mindfulness Coach

Carrie Boan

Founder Emotional Intel LLC "The Brain Diva"

Master Your Mind, Conquer Your Chaos

Crystal Morris

Founder and CEO - One Caring Adult, Inc

Culture & Clarity Architect│ Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner│ Certified Professional Diversity Coach │ Certified Trauma and Resilience Trainer

Duane Jourdeans

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner for Genos International | Speaker | Consultant

I help leaders in business, education, and athletics maximize potential.

Brittney-N. C.-Savarda

Emotional Intelligence & Awareness Specialist

Emotional Intelligence 🧠💗Specialist who teaches people how to liberate themselves from themselves. | Founder of Catalyst 4 Change LLC | International Speaker | Author of The EQ Deficiency

Chris Ward

Partner / COO

When Growth Arrives You Are Ready

Doni Landefeld, Ph.D.

Leadership Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Coach

I help mid to senior level leaders maximize their productivity and create thriving relationships at work and home, while prioritizing well-being. Positive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are my toolkit!

Elizabeth Solomon

Certified Goleman EI Coach, Storyteller, Organizational Consultant

Wise Power And the courage to share it. Reimagining leadership, communications, and work culture.

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