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Amen Clinic Certified Brain Health Coach, Associate of Science in Physical Therapy


Individuals, Educators, Business Owners, Executives, Leaders, Teams


Coaching, Consulting, Training/Facilitation, Online Courses, Speaking


Awareness, Empathy, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Growth Mindset, Behavioral Management, Employee Engagement, Listening Skills

Carrie Boan

Founder Emotional Intel LLC "The Brain Diva"


Phone Number:

843 450 4074

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Your level of success and happiness - professionally and personally - begin with your brain. Your brain dictates what you think, say, and do every minute of every day. How different would your work-life be with less stress and more success? What about your team communication and performance? Would their outcomes improve with more motivation and less anxiety? Imagine your day beginning to end with more fluidity, more control, and unparalleled achievement. Emotional intelligence is the key to this type of successful life.

What is my role in making this happen for you and your organization? As an EI Expert, Certified Brain Health, and Certified Life Coach, I am a consultant to healthcare and educational leaders, law enforcement - the helpers of our world. Through my unique yet simple Emotional Intelligence strategies, leaders and staff learn to direct their thoughts, words, and actions for effective communication, improved situational outcomes, employee/client retention, and burnout prevention.

Using emotional intelligence tactics to rewire our minds, we then position ourselves to achieve maximum focus, clarity, control, and ultimately, highly respected and rewarding careers. Proven by my current and former clients moving to success from stagnant and to scholarship from failing, I coach with quick, immediate, impactful strategies for life-long excellence in personal and professional life.

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