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Have insights you'd like to share with our readers?

Sample Topic:
Awareness | Consciousness | Intention
Spirituality | Holistic Well-being
Self-regulation | Personal Accountability
Social Skills | Social Issues

Human Behavior | Conditioning 
Mindset | Self-talk | Biases & Beliefs
Communication Skills | Listening
Connection | Empathy | Understanding
Compassion | Kindness | O
neness | Duality

Topic Categories: 
Parenting | Leadership | Self | Community
Education | General Emotional Intelligenc
Universe or Life at Large 

Article Criteria and Contributor Rules



  • Submitting an article does not automatically grant you permanent access to the contributor Hub. Reasons for denied access:

    • Failure to follow contributor/article guidelines, writing quality, or lack of alignment with Emotional Intelligence Magazine™.

  • Due to the potentially high volume of article submissions, not all articles submitted will be published.

  • If multiple high-quality articles are submitted for the same request, Emotional Intelligence Magazine™ may choose to stagger the release of the articles and/or combine content from multiple articles and recognize each contributor's copy and involvement.

  • If you're interested in becoming a regular contributor of Emotional Intelligence Magazine™, you must submit three articles for approval that meet our stated qualifications, and the articles must offer a deep and interesting perspective of emotional intelligence and/or related topics such as effective communication, mindfulness, etc.


To be a contributor of Emotional Intelligence Magazine™, you must meet the criteria and agree and adhere to the rules set forth below:

You must be an expert or specialist in one or more of the following fields/areas:

Human behavior

Emotional Intelligence



Effective communication strategies (not in the PR and marketing sense)

Leadership development


Stress and anxiety management


Social Skills

SEL (social-emotional learning)


CBT (cognitive behavior therapy)



  • Articles must be between 500 to 1000 words in length.

  • We suggest using bullets and lists to help make your article a more digestible read.

  • Quality of writing must be persuasive, to the point, and enjoyable to read.

  • Headlines must be engaging and aim to do one or more of the following:

  • Provide strategies, steps, tips

  • Provide insight into a topic to educate the reader

  • Provide discoveries or research being conducted on a topic related to EI

  • You agree to submit 100% original content. Meaning,

    • The article has not been submitted or published anywhere else

    • You are not plagiarizing someone else's work

    • Please, do not submit AI generated articles without adding your own voice or edits.

  • The article must be free of spelling and grammatical errors in order to be published.

  • Articles must be free of biases and should be fact-based information only.

    • Depending on the topic, you may state your opinion. However, it must be stated as such, not as a fact.

    • Emotional Intelligence Magazine™ prohibits the discussion of political or religious views in published content unless pre-approved. 


Due Dates:

Articles can be submitted at any time. However, if you are looking to get your article featured in the upcoming month, we suggest submitting 4-6 weeks in advance, which allows for review and potential edits. 

Due Dates


Our tone can vary depending on the topic of the article. However, we aim to provide rich and in-depth content that is well articulated with a ‘less is more’ attitude—reducing the fluff and filler words that offer little to no value to the reader. We want to provide deeper insight than is normally discussed—beyond what EI is, why it’s important, and how to develop it.


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