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EQi 2.0 Certified (All Assessments, MSCEIT Certified, Oji Life Lab User, Goleman EI - Discovering Our Habits of Mind Through the 12 Discoveries, Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty and Stress, Yale Center for EI/Coursera, MBTI Master


Individuals, Couples, Business Owners, Executives, Leaders, Teams


Coaching, Consulting, Training/Facilitation, Online Courses, Speaking


Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Empathy, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Anxiety and Stress Management, Mindfulness, Behavioral Management, Employee Engagement, Listening Skills, Self-image, Meditation, Self-esteem

Steve Whiteford

Founder, Whiteford Resources


Phone Number:

512 892 3700

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Emotional Expression and Intelligence have been my lifelong study and path. From a love of acting through teaching and coaching, I have always worked in the realm of exploring, expressing, regulating, and freeing emotion. My love of teaching eventually led me to work with business professionals as a Speech and Presentation professional from which I naturally progressed to working with an array of executive coaching and training topics. When Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence came out in 1995, I realized I had been teaching it without a title for ten years and that it was my mission to continue.

Without the ability to recognize and work with the feelings, personal patterns, and habits that determine action and decision, typical coaching and training fail to produce real growth. My work is hinged on the focal point of Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Self-Awareness. With hard-won insight and a variety of assessments and workshops, I assist individuals, teams, and organizations to work at the root of conflict and performance challenges: and Self and Interpersonal Awareness.

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