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ICF ACC, ACTP EQ Certified Coach-Six Seconds


Individuals, Parents, Youth, Educators, Business Owners, Leaders, Teams

Aptarnaujau per:

Coaching, Training/Facilitation, Speaking

SRITYS, kuriose APtarnauju:

Awareness, Empathy, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Employee Engagement, Listening Skills, Self-image, Self-esteem

Priyal Thakur

Scientific Consultant/ Certified Emotional Intelligence coach with Six Seconds

El. paštas:

Telefono numeris:

858 729 4591

The equation of life is hardly a balanced one. Let me, The Catalyst, be your advocate and work with you to help you formulate a beautiful bond with the most important person in your life, ‘you’. Together we will enable a chain reaction of enhanced relationships with others by blending in the power of heightened self-awareness, self regulation, empathy and connection. We help you unlock your best self by inspecting your relationship with your emotions. Whether you’re looking to optimize your work performance, expand your career opportunities or achieve an optimal work-life balance, we provide the perfect combination of globally acknowledged tools, in-depth analysis & supportive feedback to you!

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