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Genos International Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner | Certified School Counselor with an emphasis in positive psychology | Masters in Education

أنا أخدم:

Individuals, Parents, Youth, Educators, Business Owners, Executives, Leaders, Teams

أنا أخدم من خلال:

Coaching, Consulting, Training/Facilitation, Online Courses, Speaking

المناطق التي أخدم فيها:

Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Empathy, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Anxiety and Stress Management, Growth Mindset, Behavioral Management, Employee Engagement, Listening Skills, Self-esteem

Duane Jourdeans

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner for Genos International | Speaker | Consultant

بريد الالكتروني:

رقم التليفون:

715 220 7810

During my 27+ year career in education, I've served as a teacher, adjunct professor, coach, and counselor where I've created and applied impactful research-based strategies in the areas of positive psychology, performance psychology, and well-being. I became a certified emotional intelligence practitioner for Genos International in the fall of 2021.

I offer a myriad of impactful opportunities to enhance leadership, employee engagement, talent development, and talent selection developed for business, education, and athletics. You can check out my menu of interactive workshops and emotional intelligence assessments at

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