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Self-taught Practitioner


Individuals, Educators, Business Owners, Executives, Leaders, Teams

Aptarnaujau per:

Coaching, Consulting, Training/Facilitation, Online Courses

SRITYS, kuriose APtarnauju:

Empathy, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Growth Mindset, Employee Engagement, Listening Skills

Chris Ward

Partner / COO

El. paštas:

Telefono numeris:

416 817 8330

Užsisakykite konsultaciją

Chris brings empathy, passion, vision and nearly 40-years of global IT leadership to the table. Chris recently unretired in 2019 and launched a new career as an Entrepreneur. His latest venture is a Partner at GrowthLogic Inc.

GrowthLogic Inc Overview

The GrowthLogic system is based on the "10 Business Building Blocks"™ methodology which empowers start-up founders, educators, business coaches and incubator operators to articulate and measure essential elements needed to grow any fledgling business.

These same simple "10 Business Building Blocks"™ are what enable the data capture, reporting, analytics and time-saving strategic optimization towards getting products and services to market or failing quickly then iterating towards success.

For more information email me at WhatsApp (416)817-8330

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