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Personal Transformation Track

Beta Cohort 2.0 | January 2023

OVERCOME burnout and find PEACE in your life and FLOW in your career.

Learn to HEAL from the emotional trauma holding you back from FULFILLMENT and SUCCESS.


Build a solid foundation for mental, physical, and spiritual WELL-BEING.


Of people who invest in self-development programs report an increase in their overall happiness.



People who invest in
self-development are 3Xs more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t.

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Of people who invest in self-development programs are better able to manage stress and anxiety.


About CONVOshop

We believe that everyone has the potential for greatness, and that we must learn to lead ourselves before we can effectively lead others. Brittney-Nichole will personally guide you through CONVOshop's four foundational pillars that deconstruct conditioned beliefs that hinder us from connecting to our true selves, and will coach you on how to overcome the emotional challenges that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Our approach is practical and proven and provides you the strategies and mindset shifts necessary to move forward and allow yourself to find peace and success in your life and career. 

Our Why

The founder and your facilitator of CONVOshop, Brittney-Nichole, overcame the clinical diagnoses of OCD, GAD, and ADD by developing her emotional intelligence and tapping into her intrinsic power and purpose. She realized we aren't broken but live in a world that suppresses creativity, compassion, and self-discovery. CONVOshop exists to help people overcome the limiting beliefs imposed on us by society and, through self-discovery and mastery, find fulfillment, confidence, purpose, and success.

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Interested in Joining Our Beta Cohort?

See if you qualify
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"I didn't go into this [program] having the highest of expectations and found myself pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed how the program was explained and the exercises we did. ... I have been struggling with work (managing a short-staffed program), my personal life (ending of a relationship) and my own mental health (depression and anxiety). All of this wearing me down before I even get out of bed. These tools acquired instantly helped me organize my thoughts. These are the kinds of things that help you carry on through the days and I appreciated, not only the timing of this program, but what I gained and can share with my co-workers. People have battles that no one can see... the skills (and intellect) of this program are valuable life skills."


Name changed for privacy.

Why CONVOshop

Program Outcomes

Liberate yourself from conditioned fear and escape the gravity of toxic conformity. 

Develop a healthy mentality that fosters a willingness to take accountability for one's mistakes and the ability to influence others to do the same.

Build a strong, unconditional, and compassionate relationship with yourself, and attract strong and healthy relationships with others.

Reduced resistance allowing for states of flow, collaboration, and effective time management.

Speak with confidence, candor, and humility, whereby honoring yourself and gaining the respect of others — even those who view things differently than you do.

Significantly reduced stress and anxiety and improved overall well-being and your outlook on life.


Participant Qualifications

EIM+ will sponsor 25 participants to attend the beta cohort.
Deadline: December 22nd.

Our first beta cohort was designed to help leaders within organizations. However, the underlying principle of the program is to learn how to lead ourselves and discover our own power so that we can lead others to their fullest potential. Whether that be within an organization, community, or as a parent, friend, partner, or family member.

  • Critical: You must have a willingness to be vulnerable, open-minded, and introspective.

  • Actively participate in discussions and fully complete exercises and surveys.

  • MUST be able to attend all sessions:

    • Sessions are held for four weeks, beginning January 24th and ending February 16th,  on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM - 11:30 AM EST.

Apply Now

Your information is private. We do not sell or share any information provided to us.

What are you hoping to gain from attending CONVOshop Beta?

Thanks for applying!
You'll hear from us once your application has been reviewed and the deadline for applicants has closed.

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