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Emotional Intelligence Magazine was born from a desire to effectively share valuable resources around essential skills—like emotional intelligence—and healthy ways of being, and to engage with individuals and leaders looking to better their lives' and/or businesses without having to put in the effort of scouring the internet, sifting through mountains of data. 

Additionally, we advocate for those who specialize in helping others to develop their awareness, emotional intelligence, relationships, and who foster a healthy environment for individuals and businesses to thrive. 

That said, we couldn't help but notice an absence of resources that work to connect individuals with emotional intelligence specialists, practitioners and coaches to help foster personal growth and development. 

Here, you will find an array of resources ranging from original articles by our talented contributors, aggregated content from trusted sites, easy access to a team of emotional intelligence focused professionals, and a host of EI related events.

We're glad you are here! We are continuously working to bring you quality resources and content. While we strive to bring you quality content, and easy access to resources and professionals, we also know we may miss the mark from time to time. Please, if you have any issues with the site or have any suggestions for how we can make it better, do not hesitate to reach out and provide your feedback. We're happy to hear from you. 

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