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Going Beyond “Fake It Until You Make It”

We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it till you make it,” but what does this really mean? Too often, we take this idea at face value and miss out on an opportunity to understand its true power. Instead of simply pretending to be something we aren’t, this idiom should be taken as an encouragement to embody the energy and mindset of our desired self and grow through trial and error. To do so, we must be patient, consistent, and confident in our paths--and with ourselves. Doing so will ultimately lead us to a place where we no longer have to fake it because we’ve already made it.

What Does “Fake It Till You Make It” Really Mean?

At its core, “fake it till you make it” is about embodying the energy that you want to cultivate in your life. This doesn't mean pretending to be someone or something else that isn't true to yourself; instead, imagine yourself as the person you want to become by taking small steps each day towards achieving your goals. If you want to become more successful in business, start by learning how successful people think and act; if you want a better relationship with your partner, start by understanding their needs and communicating honestly with them. Taking these small steps will help create momentum towards achieving your goals without having to resort to pretense or dishonesty.

Why Does Emulating Success Work?

By taking on the attitude of successful people—or those who are already living the life that you aspire for—you can more easily learn from their experiences and apply them in your own life. When done correctly, this approach can give you a greater sense of confidence as well as access to an entire network of mentors who can provide valuable advice for navigating your own journey towards success. Additionally, studying successful people gives us insight into habits that are necessary for success as well as potential pitfalls along the way that can be avoided if we are aware of them in advance.

It's important not only to learn from others but also to trust our instincts when applying what we've learned. Ultimately, what works for someone else may not necessarily work for us--but by staying true to ourselves while learning from others' successes and mistakes along the way, we can forge our own path towards achieving our goals without feeling like we're faking it until we make it--because ultimately, we will have already made it! With patience, consistency, and confidence in our abilities and decisions along the way, there's nothing stopping us from achieving greatness.


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